If you want me, you can find me left of centre

You & me, we are blood brothers

Audrey Lourens
Ceilí Moss
OK Lion
La Vierge du Chancelier Rolin

Drinking buddies & fellow peasants

Jim Cain
Clover Stompers
La Compagnie Tiguidap
Stefan Dixon
Formiga + Cigale
L'Instant Emotion - Deborah Gigliotti
Marc Gunn
Jessica Kilroy
Lady Lullaby
Marieke Lightband
The Monotrol Kid
Tegan Pick
Mairéid Sullivan
Martin Van de Vrugt

People have the power!

Amnesty International (who else?)
Clean Clothes Campaign (so that your shirts are not always red)
Koudougou, projet au Burkina (initié par mes amis Benjamin et Sophie)
Osez le féminisme (je suppose que je suis maso)
Oxfam (so much more than coffee and bananas)
Réseau d'Actions Pour la Promotion d’un Etat Laïque (au fond d'chaque homme y'a un prophète qui dort...)
Triodos Bank (so that your money doesn't make the fat cats fatter)

All things weird and wonderful

Nanarland, le site des très mauvais films qu'on ne peut s'empécher d'adorer
Bookcrossing: share books with the world, and follow their paths forever more
Eurobilltracker: what happens to your € banknotes after you spend them?
The Worst Gig: live horror stories by famous or not so famous bands

Allons-y, Jeronimooooo, Exterminate ... ish

First things first, the BBC official site
The Doctor Who Fan Site
Whovian GIFs for all occasions

It began with the forging of the great rings

JRR en VF, site francophone dédié à Tolkien
The One Ring, often considered the best LOTR site on the web
The Tolkien sarcasm, parody site
The Tolkien Society