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April 3, 2021
You did not seriously think that I (hem, I must get used to saying "we" now I guess) would rest idly, enjoying a few well-earned comforts after that great and successful release? Well, the bee will stay busy for a while!

Next mission: I Got You Covered, an initiative of a handful of musicians from Ghent (notably the excellent Jim Cain and the equally excellent Kobe Ardui) challenged me to make a cover a song by Silke Catteeuw de Smul, a young and also excellent artist from my favourite Flemish city

After a long and excruciating process and hours of agonizing indecision ??, burrowing through Silke's songs and thinking all of them were worthy of being revisited, I picked this one

The results (my version of "purple holes" and her version of ... well, you'll see) will be posted on I Got You Covered's Instagram and YouTube channels, normally sometime in may.

March 20, 2021
Hey guys! It's all going very well for the new album (too lazy to write its full title...) with some great reviews and more airplay than I've ever had so far. Check Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Speaking of social networks, I've decided to create new Twitter and Instagram accounts devoted solely to The Imaginary Suitcase. Just for clarity of communication's sake, let's say. You're still welcome to follow my private Twitter and Instagram accounts, of course, if you want to hear about my cat, the (scrumptious) quiches I make, my love for sunsets and my (often unpopular) opinions on stuff, of course. At your own risk!

March 1st, 2021
Here it is! It is with immense pleasure and pride that I give you The gods gave you victory today only to make your final defeat more bitter!

Several people deserve thanks in the process but I'll particularly point out Carla, Margaux and Daria! Thank you so much! Now if you want to hear and - let's go crazy - buy the result, feel free to visit Bandcamp!

I'm gonna ask something I'm usually very reluctant to do, but to hell with shyness... If you want to give a hand, and since I don't have a PR firm behind my back, I would like to ask you to talk about it, post it on your social networks, tell your journalist friends or family members etc about it, play it VERY loud in your car, whatever comes to mind.
Speaking of promo, you can expect to hear me on the air twice in march. More info in the "fresh" section soon...

In other words:


February 4, 2021
Pleasant news from the media side with an interview + live on the show Culture Coated on Radio Benelux this Friday February 5 at 7 pm and a session at the always nice and adorable Daithi Rua's place for his The Rua Room sessions (which I warmly recommend, in general!) scheduled for the 15th February.

February 2, 2021
It's the final mile before the release af The Gods gave you victory today only to make your final defeat more bitter! Pre-orders are available on Bandcamp starting today (only one day behind schedule. Am I getting good at this or what?). Feel free to discover 7 of the new songs already, and hold your breath for the 7 others, which most of you will have to wait until march 1st to discover (yes, it's mean, I know).

January, 18 2021
Ladies, gentlemen and everything in between, it is with immense joy and tremendous pleasure that I announce that The Gods Gave You Victory Today Only To Make Your Final Defeat More Bitter will be officially available from March 1, 2021! God knows the birth of this album was painful but our patience will be rewarded, because fuck humility, it is really my best work so far, by far!

An online pre-order will be possible via Bandcamp for the most hardcore among you. It will start in February, and the date will be confirmed very soon.

No concerts, obviously, for the reasons you can guess. Bastard virus and politicunts. Nevermind, as soon as it is possible again, believe me, you will not be able to take a step without stumbling upon a TIS concert ... ;-)

And by the way, I would like to greet all these places that have welcomed me since 2012, (almost) always with immense kindness. May you all survive this shit ...

26 november 2020
With my long-time follower Marc Mineur, I could be confident his review of Hope Is A Sick Joke would be benevolent, but still, maybe it's exaggerated humility, but I'm always astonished when people say such kind words about my work. Thanks so much Marc!

Also and even though, like most musicians, I have rathher little esteem for these platforms, Hope Is A Sick Joke is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

2 november 2020
Don't let this get us down, because here it is: the single Hope is a sick joke has arrived and is available via Bandcamp (with 3 bonus songs on top of that) before it also lands in all good pharmacies as well!

26 october 2020
Well, it's not a huge suprirse, but te concerts in Liège on oct. 31 and in Tournai on nov. 14 are cancelled... Bugger!

16 october 2020
"So, this album that you announced to us as imminent since 2017?" asks the crowd on the verge of a collective apoplexy crisis ...

Well to be honest, it's gonna take some more time ... and yet, it's not that I lack inspiration, no, it would be quite the opposite, the ideas for songs are coming out of me as oil comes out of Baku soil ...

There have been material constraints: the job that makes me eat consumed almost all the time available from March to September, I wanted to get back to working on a regular basis with other musicians to broaden the sound spectrum of TIS a bit, which was obviously made impossible by the lockdown and remains very complicated even today, and then life in general has been ... complicated (no, I won't say more) ...

But also, pretty much all the new songs demand a lot from me.

You know, my songs so far have most often been loosely based on real life experiences, but never quite autobiographical. Don't ask me why, this time it's going very differently. To be concise, let's say that the new songs are much more than before confessions, revelations, rants, cries of rage, of pain, of the heart ... the next album will certainly be my most personal, explicit and radical work so far.

Whether I like it or not, these songs take me very far in the archaeology of long repressed or ignored emotions and memories ... and that makes them complicated, sometimes painful to understand and interpret.

However, I can't wait any longer. And so, if I unfortunately have to tell you that the album will never be ready for 2020, I plan to release a first little thing within a few weeks (single or EP, it's not yet decided) by the end of November. . Spoilers: it will revolve around a song that I have already played a lot, especially in a place of perdition in Ghent called The Rua Room (Hi Daithi!) ...

(Plaudite cives) XD

5 october 2020
Oddly enough, 2020 is going to be my most busy year since 2016 in terms of number of concerts played... Two new shows have been recently scheduled: one in Tournai on november 14 and one in Nazareth (the Eastern Flemish one, not the Palestinian one ;-) ) on december 12.

22 september 2020
A last minute show in Het Stadsmagazijn in Antwerp this friday the 25th at noon, replacing PYN who had to postpone for whatever reasons. This weekend is going to be very Antwerpish!

24 july 2020
The amazingly musicians-friendly fellows at Bandcamp have decided to keep the Bandcamp Fridays going until the end of 2020. What it means is that for every music purchase you make there on a friday, Bandcamp drops its fee and 100% of the price goes to the musicians.
Oh, isn't it friday today? Coincidence? I think not ;-)
And if you want to know more about the operation and why they are doing this, check here.

14 april 2020
For now and for the near future, it is better to stay at home. And yes, like all musicians and spectators, I moaned loudly when three concerts were canceled (or postponed, it's still under discussion) in March and April, and it would piss me off if those in June and July were to be cancelled too ... but voila, we're all going to take it for the team and it will be a great fiesta when the time comes!
And the indestructible optimist that I am announces two concerts in October (indestructible optimist but still not completely naive either ;-)). So far, so good.
And if you really miss me too much ... go to Facebook where I regularly (that is to say when the whim takes me) post homemade videos.
Be safe, be well, stay critical, stay crazy!

24 january 2020
Most of the people I care about have survived the holiday season and were all ready for a wibbly-wobbly 2020. My motto for this year: "In twenty-twenty, less chaos, more whiskey" ;-)
A year that starts pretty well for yours truly with a whole bunch of concerts that will spice up and make desirable this month of february that usually feels like a monday stretched over 28 days... Check "Fresh" for more!

26 november 2019
Next week in Ghent, my favourite place in Flanders! And with the perspective of seeing again some people I love there!
Some updates in the "fresh" section: links, hours, adresses...

4 november 2019
Gigs, gigs, gigs!
Ghent, Brussels and the Netherlands (well, mostly Gelderland actually ;-) ) are about to fall under my sway!
More good news to follow

21 october 2019
OK folks, the beast has been asleep for a while but is now shaking the gathered dust off his shoulders and is ready to bite again! ;-)

For starters, my good friend and fellow musician (and a brilliant one) Daithi Rua invited me to record a song for his Rua Room sessions. I picked one of the new songs on which I'm currently working and the result can be seen on YouTube's The Rua Room channel.

Inspiration has run dry for a while, but is now back like after the levee breaks. New songs are a-plenty. As often, it is now one of those phases when ideas pop up a bit frantically... I have enough ideas to make a Sandinista-like triple album but let's not be hasty. ;-)

There are also some gigs coming along. First one will be on november the 15th in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. More details on the "fresh" page. For later, what was supposed to be a weekend in Texel in february is slowly but surely turning into a real tour of the Netherlands... Still waiting for some confirmations so it's still partly wait and see. But if all of these go like my previous concerts in the Netherlands, it will be the first time in my life I'll be looking forward to february!

You know what? I'm happy!

27 september 2019
Long time no see, right? It ain't gonna last. Very soon some exciting news...

15 august 2018
Summer's almost gone... Time to confirm some coming gigs in the fall: 1/9 in Roeselaere (a busking festival, and the funny thing is I will know the exact place where I'm expected to play only on the day of the gig ;-) ), 21/9 in Dikkelvenne (near Ghent) and 7/10 in Braine-le-Comte!

11 july 2018
About a month and a half ago, my niece Chloe ended up losing the fight she and her family had been leading so bravely for years against a neurodegenerative disease. She wished that those who felt able would sing "Bella Ciao" in her memory at her funeral. The days that followed, this song literally haunted me 24/7. The only way to get back to a normal business was to record it ...

So here it is. Not planned at all, it was recorded off the cuff in 3 days and it is my daughter Livie who sings with me on the chorus. The EP I can't believe we're still protesting this shit, with Bella Ciao and also two other songs about and by people who stood up, who had courage when all odds, omens and forecasts were bloody against them.

You can listen / download it on BandCamp and note that all the benefits of this EP will be donated to the association La Voix Des Femmes

Chloe, this song suited you so perfect...

3 may 2018
Gigs! Gigs! Gigs! And contrary to our pitiful excuse for a prime minister, Mr Potato and his bunch of smurfs in Feldgrau, when I throw lots of exclamation points I do deliver the promised goods: 12 may in Soignies, 15 june in Duffel, 24 june in Beaumont, 12 july in Liege, 4 august in Zoersel, 21 september in Dikkelvenne and a first date in what I hope will become a tour of the Netherlands on 20 october in Assen.

9 february 2018
The job that feeds my stomach sometimes interferes with the work that feeds my soul... And so the gig scheduled on march 2 in Brussels will have to be postponed.
But gigs there will be in 2018, by my word! On april 29 at festival Les Anthinoises (where I played loooong ago with Ceilí Moss), on may 12 in Soignies, on july 12 in Liège and on august 4 in Zoersel for the FestiHalle.

23 november 2017
Well, the first leg of the Thy Grace & Wisdom tour has been great, except for the severe cough which struck me in october and forced me to cancel two gigs... But let's not get depressed for so little! There are still some gigs in december and already, 2018 is getting filled with dates and expectations. Yay!

3 october 2017
Well, we had to wait a long while (especially me) for it, but here it finally is: Thy Grace & Wisdom, the new The Imaginary Suitcase album, is finally available.
A truckload of thanks to everyone who made it possible (and a very special thank you to Florence Estragues for the vocals on The Rest of the World)!
You can listen to it and incidentally help me record the next one by clicking on BandCamp (if you're a €-fan) or CD Baby (for $-afficionados).

4 september 2017
The gig in Antwerp on october 21 has to be rescheduled to a yet unkown date... But the good news is my good people at TalentCast will be organizing a listening & chat session on september 28 at 8 pm. A chance to small talk with all the lovely folks I can't hug physically.

11 august 2017
Dear fellows, fellas and fellini's, I have the joy to announce the first confirmed dates of the coming World Subjugation Tour ;-) : 6 oct. in Dinant, 7 oct. in Brussels, 13 oct. in Liege, 21 oct. in Antwerp, 28 nov. in Beringen and 21 dec. in Brussels (in my dearest La Porte Noire that I love almost as much as I love my kids!).

There will be more TBC soon, so keep your eyes and ears open for some new dates confirmed in the coming days/weeks!

5 may 2017
Well folks, this "return of the son of La Vierge du Chancelier Rolin with a vengeance" has been abolutely fantastic, exhilarating, flabbergasting and superultramaximegasuperfunky! ;-)

And yes, it has taken a toll on the TIS available time, but now that this chapter is (temporarily?) closed, I'm back to my usual selfish and brooding self...

The Imaginary Suitcase has never been completely asleep though and the first sign of life is the cover of Paul Roland's (one of my few true musical heroes) "Last night I dreamt I stood upon the scaffold" for the tribute album Alice's Curiosities which you can download (free or name your price) here. I particularly enjoyed Nomotion's rendition of "Gabrielle" and Opium Dream Estate's version of "Berlin"!

24 march 2017
They dared to disturb the peace and quiet I need to work on the new songs, but it's gonna be worth it: yours truly will play as an opener for one of the two highly anticipated return gigs of my former band La Vierge du Chancelier Rolin on april 30 in Brussels. Being one's own support-act might seem schizophrenic, but as long as I can remember which songs belong to which repertoire, I guess it's gonna be ok... More info on the Facebook event

31 januari 2017
Almost too late to wish you a happy 2017. May your favourite artists survive it! If you are a fan of John Hurt, well... I am too...

But let's not bicker about who killed who, shall we? Even though the exciting adventure of resurrecting my first real band La Vierge du Chancelier Rolin is taking a lot of time and energy, I am certainly not forgetting you kind people!

And this is why I'm simultaneously anxious, scared, excited, impatient, curious and eager to announce that the next album "Thy Grace & Wisdom" which will be released in october 2017 is going to ask for your help. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. It will start on february 15 and more details will soon follow!

18 october 2016
And two more gigs in 2016 (probably the last ones this year but you know what they say about saying never again): on november 1st, yours truly and some others will pay hommage to the departed at the Cemetary of Lembeek and on november 25 in Casteau, one I'm particularly looking forward to as I will be opening for someone I love as a musician and as a person: Seesayle!

28 june 2016
The summer will not be lazy: 4 gigs scheduled in august. An occasion to test the new songs I should have approximately finished by then...

4 june 2016
I can barely keep my gear unpacked... There's a new gig on june 12 and it's in Aarschot. More info here

9 may 2016
A last minute gig just dropped in the letterbox: it will be at the brand new Taille33 record store in Brussels on may 21. More info on the Facebook event!

4 april 2016
And one more gig in Namur (back to where it all started) on may 25 in club La Boule Rouge.
And there is something brewing in the deep that is probably going to make everything you thought you knew about The Imaginary Suitcase obsolete... Heheheeeee, mysterio.....

31 march 2016
Open Mic season it seems! After Brussels last saturday and Zemst tonight, now a third one on may 1st in Ghent at Café De Loge on the special occasion of their Birthday Super Circle!

15 march 2016
New songs popping out of my head, two open mics on march 26 in Brussels and 31 in Zemst... Could it finally be springtime? ;-)

23 december 2015
And with a lovely gig in Soignies comes an end to this tour.

Thanks a lot to everyone who was involved and made it possible: Anna & Arty, Cécile & Michel, Eva, Jo, Thales, Thierry, Xavier, Xavier, Boule, Marc, Marc, Marc, Pieter, Mustafa, Jeroen, Martin, Vincent, Agnieszka, Jan, Vanessa, Johan, Vincent, Michaël, Kevin & Geert (in perfectly random order).

Cheers as well to all of you who showed support, affection and even the will to travel miles to come see me play, some of you for the first time, other showing recurring love: Xavier, Natalia, Sophie & Laurent, Bart, Stéphanie, Isabelle, Maarten, Brick, Cy, Lolita & Frédéric, Nele & Michael, Jan & Noreen and all who did not give their names!

And to conclude, a hi! to all the great musicians I've been lucky to work with or to simply have a chance to come across thanks to this tour: Xavier (if there was only one man left standing, it would be you, man!), Angström, Stefan Dixon, Aubin, Eva & Cécile (lest we forget Michel!) and Green Pepper. I have a feeling our roads will cross again...

Tiny, Natalie, Enza, Greenwitch, more luck next time! (they know what I'm talking about)

And a happy and fulfilling Solstice/Yule/Christmas/Hanukkah/Mawlid/Whatever you feel like!

18 november 2015
Oh what an awkward weekend it has been indeed... On friday, I was busy playing a nice and cosy gig in Leuven with my pal Xavier Kruth and on the way home, the radio tells me about the nightmare that had just struck Paris...
The next day was the day of the big BrusselsTUUB 2015 party at the Ancienne Belgique (a few pictures here) and even though I guess all of us thought of the Bataclan at least for a moment, it has been a superb, friendly, warm, jolly and veeeeeery loooooong night! ;-)
I used to say that if I ever played on these planks that so many of my heroes treaded before, I could die a happy man. Well, it was the small room, and not really MY gig, so it doesn't count...

4 november 2015
And here come the 10 most busy days of this tour, I guess: tomorrow I'll be playing live in Ghent, this saturday in Liège and on sunday I will be having a chat with Vincent Angelicchio on radio!
This show will be aired again on on monday afternoon, then it's live in Kessel-Lo (near Leuven) on friday the 13th (Oh my...) before the big night at the Ancienne Belgique for BrusselsTuub on saturday 14!

25 october 2015
Reveil Vlaanderen is a project that organises small and intimist concerts and performances in Flemish cemetaries on halloween. I will take part this year with an unplugged concert at the Municipal cenetary of Halle on november 1st round 5 pm.

14 october 2015
And one more gig added on friday 13 november (boooooooo!) at the Café Gitan in Kessel-Lo (near Leuven) and my good friend Xavier Kruth will be the opener!

25 september 2015
On sunday 4 october at 9 pm CET, the nice fellows of TalentCast (one day, our roads will meet in real life, I promise!) will have a listening & chat session of Fake Blood From Real Wounds and everyone is free to join. You just have to go to their website and join in the fun!

18 september 2015
Few, I thought I'd never make it on time but yes, I did (patting myself on the back for a second): I put the finishing touches to Fake blood from real wounds yesterday evening and here is a first appetizer for you: a rant against one of our age's greatest injustice called It's not you, it's me. The rest of the lot you will discover on october 10. Sleep well 'til then...

7 september 2015
And that makes it ten! A new concert was just confirmed at the MJ Neufvilles in Soignies on december 19.

7 august 2015
And one more gig at Genval's La Clef de Verre on december 9! Come on lads, who will make it ten gigs?

5 august 2015
Live in the Ardent City again: The Imaginary Suitcase will return to the barge "La Legia" in Liege on november 7

22 july 2015
Folks, it is with immeasurable pleasure that I announce to you the first dates of the "Fake blood from real wounds" tour: oct. 10 in Brussels, oct. 16 in Mechelen, oct. 22 in Antwerp, oct. 23 in Chimay, nov. 5 in Ghent, nov. 14 in Brussels (Brussels Tuub) and the concluding date will take place at La Porte Noire (what else?) in Brussels on dec. 10.
More to come, pretty soon, nothing will stand between me and absolute world domination. Mwahahahaha!!!

30 june 2015
The Imaginary Suitcase will know no holiday this summer. I have an album to finish in time! See you in september with exciting news...

1st june 2015
Two new gigs announced, two house concerts more precisely, in Brussels on june 13 and in Namur on june 19. A nice and cosy way of finishing this season!

8 may 2015
Tomorrow evening, yours truly will be playing in Brussels at the Café Le Renard Noir in the Rue Haute, at the heart of this Marollenwijk that the offial idiots have not yet entirely transformed into a parking lot for other posh idiots ;-p

28 february 2015
I didn't make it to the second round of Emergenza but there has been the pleasure of playing for people who nevere had heard me/of me and getting lots of positive reactions, which is already pretty OK
There won't be one, not two, but three gigs by The Imaginary Suitcase in the coming months: on may 9 in Brussels, may 30 in Mechelen and june 28 in Dilbeek. See fresh for details.
Last friday the 13th (boooooo), I was at home, chilling, with nothing special to do. Fingers started to run across wood and steel, and one thing leading to another, before I realised, there was an improvised tune online on Soundcloud...

12 januari 2015
All who know me know how much I enjoy visiting La Porte Noire, imho the best bar in Brussels, be it as a live musician, as a spectator or just as a barfly. End january, Stephan Gauvrit, who has been the soul of the venue for the last 3 years, walks for the last time past these doors and leaves for new challenges (like sleeping?). I couldn't resist the temptation and summoned a few other regular degenerates who played there in order to gallantly wave him goodbye. So on friday 30 january, starting at 9 pm and until the last man standing, TIS will play La Porte Noire once more, along with Natalie Monarque, Floatstone, Kelstone, Seesayle, Formiga + Cigale, Doosra, Ceilí Moss and Pagan Noz.
Gandalf, I have a feeling this will be a night to remember...

12 december 2014
My pal Antoine Légat has published a very nice article in Rootstime. A very good and complete though synthetic summary of the story so far.

7 november 2014
Thanks to Johan Jongerius, there will be a listening session followed by a live chat on Talentcast monday 24 november at 9 pm. The occasion to ask every question you may have. (yes, even that one)

21 october 2014
I'm extremely pleased, no, in fact I'm very excited, no, actually I'm completely thrilled to present to you Grey Pilgrim, a brand new song from the forthcoming EP The shape of things forsaken, which I'll release on november 15. Please feel free to check out and comment this new piece of acoustic sense/nonsense on Soundcloud or on Bandcamp.

It is quite possible that I'll have a showcase organised in the coming weeks, but right now, it's still in the mist...

18 september 2014
The suitcase will stay shut for a few months, as I'm more than busy with the 20th anniversary tour and recording of the 5th album of Ceilí Moss. I have some songs from the Driftwood sessions in the pipeline still and will release an ep sometime before the end of 2014.

7 july 2014
I have one last bit of homework for you before you take your undoubtably well-deserved holidays: after a quite boring amount of preliminary rounds, the Lydup Music Contest has finally started the real competition. I need your votes to make it to the European final and if I can be so bold, I'd say you can vote everyday (well, it seems I have been so bold...)
Thanks again for your support!

1 july 2014
The Hague International Singer-Songwriters Festival was a more than worthy way of finishing this wonderful first half of 2014! Thanks to all who have supported The Imaginary Suitcase in any way whatsoever, I owe you all one of the most exciting periods of my musical life!
Now, I realise this sounds like a farewell, but it's not. It's true that until the end of 2014, my time and efforts will be more devoted to the 20th anniversay tour and then the 5th album of Ceilí Moss, but the suitcase remains open, I still have new song sketches galore, but the gigging will take a nap.
Once more, thanks. We'll meet again sooner than you think.

24 june 2014
The place, hour and other artists for my gig at the THISSFest in The Hague this saturday have finally been made public.
The Lydup contest is still on, must be the 247th preliminary round ;p You are of course welcome to vote, but the serious competition will only start in july, so exercise your wrists and fingers, 'cause that's when I'll need you!

9 may 2014
I wanted to do something to thank you all for making this spring one of the most memorable since I first put my hands on a 6-strings, so I offer you Live in the Ardent City, the recording of the gig in Liège on april 17, as a free download on Bandcamp.
Speaking about this particular gig, check out the (professional, what a change!) video made by A really brilliant overview of a good night.
And if you're not tired of listneing, you can also (re)listen to the nice and cosy moment of chatter I had with Paul Heath of Radio X on april 29.

25 april 2014
Thanks to your votes, I'm second in the Belgian charts in the Lydup contest. Thanks a lot, but if I may be so bold as to ask for a little more, I'm only n.33 in the EuroMusic contest...
New positive reviews keep coming in, from RifRaf, The Playlist Society and De Ongeletterde Wanhoop.
Cosyness ruled in Kortrijk on march 26 while Billie & I were playing at cinéPalace, and here's visual evidence of it.

1 april 2014
I've registered to two online music competitions, so if you feel like helping me, please be my guest and have my deepest gratitude: Lydup - EuroMusic contest
Reviews and interviews keep on coming at a steady pace: Le Déblocnot' (interview), Puur Belge, Radio Campus Brussels, daMusic, Dans le mur du son & Esprits Critiques

14 march 2014
One more interview scheduled with Yoran Chanet during Beats & Bytes on webradio Talent FM. That will be wednesday 19 march starting at 8 pm.
Driftwood is now also available on CD Baby.

11 march 2014
Whoohoo! It's a ravishing start for Driftwood! Reviews flooding in from Joe Kronin Radio, Le blog des critiques de concerts & Le Déblocnot.
As if this was not enough, a new interview with a little playing live in the studio is scheduled for april 1st on M@x FM in Ath, and a new gig has been confirmed in Café Joint in Geraardsbergen.
Among this whirlwind, it would be easy not to notice the pictures Barbara Masson made of the gig during Tuesday Circle @ De Loge on feb. 25, which would be very unfair.

28 february 2014
I'll be the guest of Stan and Rubert on their show Puur Belge on Flemish webradio Villa Bota on march 12, starting 8 pm.

25 february 2014
Driftwood has been given a superb review in Dark Entries while several bloggers and critics have promised me good papers in the coming weeks. Heee-haw!.
Also to discover are some pictures and videos of the jan. 14 gig in Brussels.
You may also check out two old new files I put on Soundcloud: the very first TIS gig back in 2010, and the Durango Session of june 2012.

7 february 2014
Forensic evidence of the good time we all had sunday in Kortrijk is to be found here.

And I'll be (once more) the guest of Marc and his crew at Radio Benelux for a Durango Session on june 3.

3 february 2014
It was a particularly enjoyable evening yesterday in Kortrijk. The bar, the PA, the crew, the audience, the other artists, it's been a highly successful conspiracy of good time!

A new gig confirmed on june 13 in the club 't Ey in Belsele and perhaps one on may 1st, but I won't say more until I have confirmation...

A latecoming review of Full moon fever but better late than never, and already one of Driftwood... Has The Doctor meddled with the strings of time again? ;)

23 january 2014

New gigs confirmed in Brussels, Ghent and La Louvière, the tracklisting and several audio excerpts from Driftwood revealed, Driftwood which you can by the way already preorder here, now 2014 is starting with the best omen I've seen for a long time!!!

9 january 2014
Peace, health, love, respect and consistency in good will. That's what I wish you all in 2014!
The Imaginary Suitcase is kicking off this new year with a pleasant amount of coming gig, the first one being next tuesday in Brussels, along with my mate The Monotrol Kid.

A preview of the coming album Driftwood? Ask and thou shalt be given...

And there are some pictures and videos of the gig on december 7 at Aux 12 Chaises in Brussels. Lovely place run by lovely people!

20 december 2013
Dear all of you, allow me to take just one minute to wish you the best possible Holiday, to hope you can spend this festive time with the ones you love, and avoid the drudgery of having to entertain your workmates/mother in law/ex-husband/boss/adolescent grandchildren or whatever other annoyance the Malin Génie puts in our way. Unless of course you happen love or at least get along well with your workmates/mother in law/ex-husband/boss/adolescent grandchildren or whatever other nice people the Malin Génie puts in our way.

If I may be so bold, I'd suggest Full Moon Fever might be a nice present if you still don't know what to offer one of your fellows... Just go to the Bandcamp store and try the new "send as gift" option.

There are two more Full moon Fever in just on time for Christmas, one from Side-Line and the second from De Ongeletterde Wanhoop

I'm working on new songs. What I thought would be an ep for Easter is likely to be a bit fatter than that...

That was more than a minute, wasn't it?

10 december 2013
A bunch of new concerts in the early days of 2014 have just been confirmed! What better present could Santa bring?
Hope he has something nice for you too! See you next year, unless something unexpected happens...

3 december 2013
Ready to invade Antwerp tomorrow evening! First on the ether at Radio Centraal at 8.30 pm, then live at Bar Nadar at 9.30.
New articles from the web: an interview of yours truly from the French webzine Kaput Brain and a CD review from the German blog Rocktimes.
And on top of it all, a new gig scheduled on march 26 at the cinéPalace in Kortrijk. Today, life is good.

14 november 2013
One more review, this time it's from my own Belgium and you may read it on the blog Esprits Critiques.
Besides, after I have a chat with Peggy & Bruno on Radio Centraal in Antwerp on dec. 4, I'll walk just a few steps to play at the Bar Nadar's singer-songwriter evening!

12 november 2013
An interview of yours truly on the German webzine 50K Music and a magnificent review of Full Moon Fever on the French blog Le Déblocnot'.

The Imaginary Suitcase playing at one of biggest Belgian Festivals? Well, chances are slim but not void, so go to Dour Music Festival's website, connect with your Facebook account (they don't keep your data) and vote for me and the other 9 bands you'd like to hear on july 17-20!

4 november 2013
An review of Full Moon Fever on the French blog Kaput Brain, an interview on Radio Centraal in Antwerp scheduled for december 4. More media stuff should be released soon, so stay connected ;)

20 september 2013
Some guys have been pretty quick to talk about Full Moon Fever. Fortunately, they all have enjoyed it so far: Monolith Cocktail, Emerging Indie Bands and the Dutch Kofferbaque.
I'm playing live tomorrow in Brussels at Salle Martine in the Rue de Flandre. See you there?

4 september 2013
Here it is! I can't tell you how excited I am to finally introduce this Full Moon Fever album to you. A little anxious to know what you'll think of it too...
Please feel free to check it out on TIS' Bandcamp page. There you can download it for free (though a contribution is far from forbidden) until the end of the month.

10 august 2013
And three more gigs confirmed on 18 october in Ieper, 9 november in La Louvière and 30 november in Nivelles!

25 july 2013
Two new gigs confirmed on september 21 in Brussels (Salle Martine) and on april 19 in Leuven. More to come!

9 july 2013
Sorry to disturb your undoubtebly well-deserved holidays, but I need a little nudge to fruitfully pass the online contest for a spot at This Scene Ain't Dead Festival (which will take place in Halle on nov.2).
Starting today, you can vote by liking the picture of the band you want to support on the organisator's Facebook
This online round ends on july 31, the names of the winners will be disclosed during the first week of august.
Thanks in advance!

4 july 2013
A last minute gig at the club-restaurant-pub La Vie Est Belge in Charleroi on july 20!

28 june 2013
Pictures galore! Here are pics from this very active Brussels week: La Porte Noire, Under Tower Festival and TAG City
I will now retire to my cave to bring the finishing touches to Full Moon Fever, go out from time to time only to see a few gigs (Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Devendra Banhart, Jello Biafra, Wovenhand and Pukkelpop, mainly for Johnny Marr and Nine Inch Nails), so I wish you all a very nice summer. Enjoy the sun, especially if you're in Europe, as it seems it will be a very scarce resource this year...

6 june 2013
A new review of Putting... coming from the UK, and more precisely from God is in the TV.
I'll be playing with Ceilí Moss tonight at La Porte Noire, so if your evening is not yet booked...

4 june 2013
A last minute gig on june 27 for the lunchtime gigs at the Tower Art Gallery in Brussels. More info.

28 may 2013
A new review (in Dutch "recensie", now repeat after me "ray-sen-see") of Putting things on top of other things on the Belgian music portal IndieStyle

16 may 2013
Videos! One for the Songs won't save your life series, with me playing And Also The Trees' Dialogue, and three excerpts from the gig in the Roman Tower of Arlon during the Les Aralunaires festival.

29 april 2013
A new review of Putting things on top of other things (in French) on the blog Esprits Critiques
And a reminder of the gig this sunday 5 may during the Aralunaires Festival in Arlon.

18 april 2013
Leicester Bangs are the first to publish a review of Putting things on top of other things. Please read it here.

29 march 2013
Frozen Feathers has been aired on the show Nieuw Belgisch Talent on the Flemish webradio Talent FM. Now you can vote on their Facebook to help me secure a place in the a-list. Thanks in advance for your support!

7 march 2013
Encouraging debuts for Putting things on top of other things! Several messages of support and appreciation, several promises of reviews and airplay and some purchases that will help have a little butter with the spinach, as we say in French.
Two new gigs in quite prestigious places: a last minute booking at the University Festival in Namur on march 21, and the Aralunaires festival in Arlon on may 5 (it was initially scheduled for may 4, but we had to change a bit.)
Sure better than a slap on the face, a friend of mine would say: the Flemish radio Talent FM considers I'm in the 30 best Belgian discoveries of 2012.
PTOTOOT (can't you blow a little quieter?) already being history, I'm starting to record new songs (that's just how I am). I think you won't wait a year to have a new collection of TIS stuff...

28 february 2013
Here it is! The mini-album (or fat EP, as you wish) Putting things on top of other things is here and up for grabs! And can it get even better? Well, download is free until march 6! So rush to the bandcamp page and get it! Caught red-handed in an exclamation marks spree... ;)

21 february 2013
As promised, a second excerpt from Putting things on top of other things is now up for grabs: listen to / download Zombie for you on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.
And there's also a new gig confirmed for saturday may 4, during the Aralunaires Festival in Arlon.

13 february 2013
Well, exactly two months since I last updated this website, there are some exciting things to announce!!! I'll be releasing my second demo Putting things on top of other things (a wink to the Pythons, indeed), and you can already download a first song (titled Frozen feathers) here. I'll be posting a new song every week until february 28, which is the official release date.
New gigs are of course also on the menu in Ghent on feb. 28, Eernegem in march 30 and twice in Brussels on april 18 and june 20 (the latter in this Porte Noire I love so dearly). More will follow. I can tell you I'm excited as a teenager on his first date! ;p)

13 december 2012
Yours truly had a 15-minutes conversation with Phil from Radio Musicos, and you can eavesdrop here!

10 december 2012
Alright, a vicious flu made my presence at Het Depot on dec. 5 impossible... Let's try again on january 16. By the way, the 27 april as support-act for Djinn Saout is confirmed!

29 november 2012
A last minute participation has just been confirmed for the open mic evenings at Het Depot in Leuven on dec. 5!

26 november 2012
It's been a wonderful evening in the Brussels Rock Classic bar last thursday. Thanks Fred for the invitation and a special thank to Marieke for a moment of pure magic pretending to be Nick & Kylie... There are pictures here and here, and videos here.
There's also a new gig confirmed in Ghent on feb. 28, and a TBC support-act for Djinn Saout in Gelbressée in april, where I did more than one memorable gig with Ceilí Moss... More info in the agenda.

15 november 2012
Hello, may I ask for your help so that The Imaginary Suitcase gets played on the French La Grosse Radio? Click here to vote.

Yours truly got questioned by Lady Obscure ... and loved it!

5 november 2012
The two first gigs in 2013 are booked: january 25 in Lille (France) in the music club Le Musical and on march 30 in Eernegem (near Ostend) in Club B52

16 october 2012
A new gig on december 16 in Liège, an interview (in French) podcasted here, another scheduled on nov. 16 here, is it me or are things just fine?

24 september
Keerbergen has been selected by TalentCast's team for this week's playlist.
You can have a look at some pics of the gig in Brussels on sep. 6 here.

17 september 2012
My father-in-law passed away a week ago. Now I'm standing very very close to my wife and slightly forgetting the rest for a while.

4 september 2012
Reminder: I'll be playing live this thursday 6 at ViaVia Café in Brussels!

31 july 2012
From july 30 to august 3, CD Baby will celebrate the launch of their revamped website by taking a 0% cut on sales. That means everything you'll be kind enough to pay will go to me and only me. If you've considered buying my music but haven't yet done so, now would be a good time...
A double gig in Liège is confirmed for october 10: first at the radio show Latitude Belge, then a true live performance at Le Hangar later in the evening.
And there's one more positive review for the demo, maybe the most beautiful and moving I've had so far. This comes from Flemish blogger Sven Volckerijck on De Ongeletterde Wanhoop.

27 july 2012
And another positive review, this time from the Belgian webzine Demofarm (in Dutch).
Shall I see you next week on august 2 when I play Dranouter with Ceilí Moss?

16 july 2012
And one more positive review for Here's to those we could not save! This time it's in french and in Dévor-Rock
Fine Flowers In The Valley - will be on the a-list of Skope Radio thru to aug. 12! Isn't it grand?

12 july 2012
Until next tuesday, you can listen to my interview on M@x FM on tuesday evening here:, section "M@x Replay".

21 june 2012
Pictures of last tuesday's Durango Session are now online!

15 june 2012
Two new articles about Here's to those we could not save: one in the june edition of RifRaf, section "Homegrown" (p.16), the other in Antipode FM's music blog.

2 june 2012
The hands that guide is featured in this week's playlist on TalentCast! Isn't it grand?

31 may 2012
News galore: a last minute gig during the Radio Marathon organised by Radio Scorpio in Leuven on june 5 at lunchtime. I'll be playing a few songs before a short interview.
Another gig has been confirmed on september 8 at ViaVia café in Brussels.
And my participation to Jérôme's show Latitude Belge will be rescheduled for somewhere in september. Stay tuned for more!
And while I had some time to spend, I made a clip for The Hands That Guide using some live pics of yours truly. It's far from awesome, but it's not bad either, methinks ;).

25 may 2012
It's been a night of havoc and frustration for Brick and I yesterday: with the PA breaking down in the middle of my set (hats off to Floatstone for having played a great gig nonetheless!) and a car crash on the way home (no one is hurt, but I expect it will cost me a month's wages), all there is to save are these nice pictures by Frédérick Bulté. And also the niceness of the audience and the staff of La Porte Noire, but this I had already noticed on former occasions!

21 may 2012
The concert in Waterloo at In Vino Veritas has been rescheduled to july 19.
And the guys at Saint-Crau have enhanced my Fine Flowers In The Valley with images

15 may 2012
I'm awfully sorry, especially for letting you know on such short notice, but the gig in Waterloo on 17 may will have to be rescheduled, probably in the summer

10 may 2012
A (critical but encouraging) review of the demo in the webzine Indiestyle. Also, the session in Latitude Belge on june 6 will have to be postponed. The new date hasn't been determined yet but I'll keep you updated!

8 may 2012
I sent a few CDs to a few radios... and wow, I didn't expect so many reactions! So I'll be on the radio this friday 11 may, and also on 6 and 19 june and on july 10. More details in the agenda.

16 april 2012
Can you take aminute to visit and vote for me for a spot on the second stage of the Fêtes de la Musique in Nivelles on june 23? Thanks in advance!

2 march 2012
A new gig confirmed on may 24 in that good old La Porte Noire in Brussels. I'll be opening for the brilliant Floatstone!

26 january 2012
I have applied for the Slowbizz network of home concerts, and I need your support: please click on this link and tell these people I don't suck. It's free, you won't have to subscribe to anything and you'll have my deepest gratitude... Thanks!

12 january 2012
The Here's to those we could not save... demo is finally available! Check Bandcamp or Soundcloud to check it out! It will be available on other portals as well quite soon.

24 november 2011
A new show confirmed on dec. 13 in Brussels at Novanoïs'free podium. Watch out, it starts at 7 pm and I'm on at 7.45.

22 november 2011
There are pictures of the two shows in Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve in the pictures gallery and also some videos on the YouTube channel!

4 october 2011
Raskar Kapak will most likely have to resign on october 27th, I'm therefore getting prepared to make it a fully TIS evening. Well, Raskar will somehow be present as I've asked Benjamin to accompany me with percussion and accordion for this night!

9 september 2011
My deepest apologies to anyone who went to the Lava Café last tuesday and didn't see me there... You humble servant was at home, completely ill, unable to leave the bed...

5 july 2011
Brussels, here I come: I've got two new gigs booked at Lava Café and Sazz'n'Jazz respectively on sep.6 and oct. 27

10 may 2011
You can always count on old pals when you need them: thanks to Gaëtan (who has hosted countless Ceilí Moss gigs), I will be making my first proper gig (sharing the bill with Natalie Monarque) at La Porte Noire in Brussels on june 23! Hurray!

26 april 2011
Well, since this is a brand new website, barely standing on its young and frail legs, there is of course not much to tell.
In any case, thanks a lot for your visit, and I am working to make sure I can fill this site with many exciting news very soon!